Charity online event in the framework of Energy4Victory Talks
Speaker Dr. ALAN RILEY

Date: September 26, 2022
Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (Brussels), 10:00-11:00 (Washington, D.C.), 17:00 - 18:00 (Kyiv)
Venue: Zoom
Language: English
About webinar
Gazprom has been used to advance Kremlin's political influence rather than economic interest in Europe for over decades. Its role has been substantially scaled since the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
The enormous reduction in gas supplied through the Nord Stream pipeline, the requirement to pay for the gas in rubles contrary to the terms of the contracts, the failure of the obligation to fill the controlled gas storage, and a lot more are among the recent aspects of this energy war waging by Russia.

The webinar with Dr. Alan Riley, organized by DiXi Group, is called upon to outline the legal aspects of the Gazprom activity in Europe. During the meeting, we will discuss the possible contractions that can be opposed to the Russian energy giant on the legal battlefield.

Topics for the discussion:

  • What does the precedent of the gas turbines returning to Gazprom actually mean for the sanctions regime?
  • The new arbitration processes against Gazprom: the advisability, the reasoning, the odds of success.
  • The European Commission antitrust investigation against Gazprom: the new chapter of the old story
  • Seizure of Gazprom assets in Europe: the legal basis and the current practice.
About speaker
Dr. Alan Riley is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council in Washington DC. He is also a Member of the Advisory Committee to the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community which applies EU energy law and European antitrust and environmental law in cases involving the Energy Community states (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and Macedonia). He is also an editor of Competition Law Insight, which specializes in EU and international competition law.

Academically he founded and run a major international commercial law LLM program, co-founded the Competition Law Scholars Forum, co-founded and edited the Competition Law Review, generated significant grant income for CLaSF, and taught half a dozen postgraduate courses in energy and antitrust law. He wrote approximately 50 technical legal academic papers.

Additionally, he is a regular guest columnist on competition and energy law issues with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Financial Times.

About Energy4Victory Talks
Regular online interviews with high-level speakers to raise money for UA Army, initiated by DiXi Group.

The event's purpose is to combine expert discussions on energy security issues with high-level Ukrainian and international speakers with the charity activity to support Ukrainian Army via the
donation to the Leleka Foundation. It is a US-based non-profit organization that raises charitable funds and implements medical and social support projects in Ukraine.

All donations will be used to purchase the urgent supply of critical medical supplies for Ukraine’s defenders and civilians.

What you receive by participating
in this Energy4Victory Talk?
Unique experience and knowledge
Dr. Alan Riley has extensive experience and will share with you the most relevant and valuable information about Gazprom activity in Europe
Efficient discussion
You can ask any questions during the Q&A session
You will hear unique information, and thanks to your donation Ukraine can win faster. Thus, you join in ensuring peace in Ukraine.
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